Breast reduction

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The operation
The goal is to reduce the size of the breasts, correct the shape and, as appropriate, reduce the size of the areola for symmetrical breasts, a harmonious volume in accordance with the silhouette of the person.
The operation consists of the removal of fat and excess glandular tissue; the tissue is removed, concentrated and remodeled.
For this, the surgeon will need to do clinical tests via laboratory examinations to assure the gland and the patient is in good health.
If all is well, the scar will be vertical or an inverted T-shaped.
The operation is done under general anesthetic and lasts approximately 2 hours.
Hospitalization is for 48 hours.

In general the procedure is not very painful and can be calmed by painkillers.
Bruising and swelling at the level of the breasts and slight discomfort while lifting the arm is common.
A bra will be worn to ensure good support.
The bra is recommended to be worn for about a month 24h/24h
the stitches, if they are not absorbable, are removed between 10 to 15 days after the operation.
Convalescence and time off work is between 10 to 15 days.
Sporting activity can be resumed after 2 months, breast feeding is also possible

the appearance and shape of the breasts are significantly improved, but the final results cannot be seen until 6 months after the operation.
After this, the chest will have a harmonious shape, symmetrical or very close to symmetry, and natural.
Over time, the scar fades and becomes almost invisible after the scarring maturation phase.


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